Come to know about our Dragon Boat Festival

Come to know about our Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, usually celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. This festival has a long history and rich cultural connotations.

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival can be traced back to an ancient Chinese legend that tells the story of a patriotic poet and statesman named Qu Yuan. In order to protest the corrupt government at that time, Qu Yuan threw himself into the river. To commemorate him, people row dragon boats, eat zongzi, hang mugwort leaves, and race dragon boats on this day every year to express their memory and respect for Qu Yuan.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese eat zongzi, a traditional food cooked in bamboo leaves with fillings such as glutinous rice, meat, and bean paste. In addition, mugwort leaves and calamus are also hung, which is for exorcising evil spirits and praying for blessings. At the same time, people will also row dragon boat races, which is a traditional competitive activity. People on dragon boats must work together to win the race.

Generally speaking, the Dragon Boat Festival is a very important festival with profound cultural significance and historical value for the Chinese. At the same time, this festival is also a time of joy, reunion and blessing, which is worth celebrating by people all over the world.

This year's Dragon Boat Festival is on June 21st, and we will be on holiday for 3 days. Please forgive me if you don't reply in time during the holiday!

Come to know about our Dragon Boat Festival

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