Fuel efficient and well powered: how does turbocharging work?

Fuel efficient and well powered: how does turbocharging work?


The principle of turbocharging and fuel Saving

The main reason is that the loss of the supercharged engine has been reduced, which mainly includes three aspects:

Mechanical loss, because the displacement of the turbocharged engine is smaller when the power is the same, so the size of its parts is also smaller, which can reduce a lot of friction resistance and motion loss.

But when the throttle is light, there is only one crack in the throttle, and the engine can only inhale through this gap, just as we drink drinks with a very thin straw, which is very hard to absorb, so the naturally aspirated engine consumes more power on suction at this time. 

Turbocharged engines don't have to worry about this, because people use superchargers to inflate the cylinders, and as soon as the intake valve opens the high-pressure air, they scramble to run into the cylinders, just like when you squeeze a bag with your hands when you drink a drink. no matter how thin the habit is, it will save you more effort.

The running loss is low, and we all know that using high gear and low speed while driving is beneficial to reduce fuel consumption, but the intake efficiency of a naturally aspirated engine at low speed is too low, resulting in very small engine torque, sometimes the gear is too high and it is easy to lack of power. at this time, we can only lower the gear. After lowering the gear, the engine speed is bound to increase, which is not conducive to reducing fuel consumption.

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