Will the engine idle for a long time cause turbocharger oil leakage?

Will the engine idle for a long time cause turbocharger oil leakage?


When the engine idles for a long time, negative pressure will be generated behind the turbocharger turbine and the compressor impeller, resulting in oil leakage from the floating bearing under the action of pressure difference. 

(1) turbocharger surge. 

In addition to the compressor surge caused by the mismatch between the turbocharger and the diesel engine, the well-matched turbocharger may still surge when the operating conditions change, and the fundamental reason is the reduction of compressor air flow. 

(2) the exhaust temperature is too high. 

Too high exhaust temperature will affect the life of the turbine, due to serious post-combustion of the cylinder, low pressurization pressure, insufficient air in the cylinder, or small injection advance angle, poor atomization of the injector, large fuel supply, and so on. 

(3) the speed of turbocharger is too high. 

The reason for the high speed of the turbocharger is that the energy at the turbine inlet is relatively high or the load of the compressor is relatively small. 

(4) abnormal vibration and noise of turbocharger. 

The turbocharger produces abnormal vibration and noise, which directly affects the service life of the turbocharger. 

The main reasons are: 

(1)turbocharger rotor shaft bending deformation or blade deformation. 

(2) the damage of the bearing makes the gap between the outer arc of the impeller and the shell disappear and friction occurs. 

(3) the carbon deposition of the rotor results in the decrease of dynamic balance accuracy. 

(4) Local air leakage in the pipeline connected to the supercharger.

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