turbo 4037195
  • Turbocharger HX25W 4037195

    Turbocharger HX25W 4037195

    (1)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has excellent design and processing,durable floating bearing structure and high-precision blade dynamic balance. (2)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has high temperature resistance: The special K418 alloy turbine impeller can withstand the exhaust temperature above 900° (3)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has high-efficiency, low-inertia inlet and exhaust blades that can greatly reduce turbo lag. (4)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 Durable: Water-cooled/oil-cooled structure extends the service life of the turbine.

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