Turbocharger HX25W 4037195
  • Turbocharger HX25W 4037195
  • Turbocharger HX25W 4037195
  • Turbocharger HX25W 4037195
  • Turbocharger HX25W 4037195

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195

Brand Kunyu

Product origin Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

(1)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has excellent design and processing,durable floating bearing structure and high-precision blade dynamic balance.
(2)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has high temperature resistance: The special K418 alloy turbine impeller can withstand the exhaust temperature above 900°
(3)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has high-efficiency, low-inertia inlet and exhaust blades that can greatly reduce turbo lag.
(4)Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 Durable: Water-cooled/oil-cooled structure extends the service life of the turbine.

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 Product introduction:

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195  is actually a kind of air compressor, which increases the intake air volume by compressing air. It uses the inertial impulse of exhaust gas discharged from the engine to push the turbine in the turbine chamber and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller. The impeller presses and sends the air sent from the air filter pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed increase simultaneously. The impeller compresses more air into the cylinder.

The air pressure and density can burn more fuel, increase the amount of fuel and adjust the engine speed accordingly. It also can increase the output power of the engine。

turbocharger HX25W

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 Product parameter





country of origin

Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

Part Number


HX25W turbo

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 Features of the product:

Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has rich experience in turbine production and own factory

2.Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has passed strict quality inspections, with quality assurance

3.Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 has precision clearance, high-speed accessories, increase engine power

4.Turbocharger HX25W 4037195 can improve emissions and save oil

HX25W 4037195

Supercharger structure and working principle:

turbocharger HX25W

working principle:

Propelled by engine exhaust→turbine drives compressor→increase intake and pressure→enhance combustion

HX25W turbo

Improve fuel economy → reduce emissions and reduce environmental pollution → improve power and performance → plateau power compensation

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