SG Series bearing
  • SG Series bearing

SG Series bearing

Brand Kunyu

Product origin Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

1. Guided Track Roller Bearing is precisely manufactured and designed to provide high-precision motion guidance for mechanical equipment.
2. Guided Track Roller Bearing can significantly reduce friction, thereby reducing heat generation during operation.
3. Guided Track Roller Bearing produces lower noise during operation, which makes it advantageous in situations where low-noise operation is required.

SG Series bearing

Introduction of SG Series bearing:

SG Series bearing is a kind of rolling bearing, which plays a role in fixing and reducing friction resistance in mechanical equipment. SG Series bearings are widely used in various industrial equipment. Their main function is to support mechanical rotating bodies, reduce the friction coefficient during movement, and ensure rotation accuracy. Therefore, SG Series bearing has an important influence in today's industrial equipment. Its main function is to support the rotating workpiece of mechanical equipment, thereby reducing the load friction of mechanical equipment in the entire process of mechanical equipment transmission system.

SG Series bearing

Parameters of Guided Track Roller Bearing:

Guided Track Roller Bearing

We complete the production in accordance with the company's strict regulations, and quickly arrange to complete the loading work after receiving each order from the customer. At the same time, we adhere to the principle of quality first and good service, according to the delivery time required by customers. We handle orderly transportation to ensure that products can reach their destination safely. We use cartons, wooden boxes, and pallets for the outer packaging of products. If the customer orders a large quantity, we will choose pallet packaging, and the small quantity will be shipped individually. We also have a professional technical team to support and provide free guidance.

SG Series bearing

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