Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764
  • Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764
  • Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764
  • Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764

Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764

Brand Kunyu

Product origin Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 can increase the volume of intake air for the engine. It can increase the power and torque of the engine, and can perform more power after boosting. After an engine is equipped with a turbocharger, its maximum power can be increased by 40% or even higher.

Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764

The role of Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764

The so-called intake turbocharging is to compress the fresh air before entering the cylinder through the turbo and send it into the cylinder with a higher density, and participate in the combustion at a higher pressure. The greater the air pressure entering the cylinder, the more it is charged, and the more fully combusted the fuel mixed with it, the higher the utilization rate. Generally, it has about 40% more power than an engine without the turbocharger.

How does the intake turbine turn the engine into a beast? Let's take a look at the structure. Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 consists of a pair of coaxial impellers that are sealed to each other. The impeller which located in the exhaust passage is called a turbine wheel, and another impeller that located in the intake passage is called a compressor wheel. The two impellers are connected by a shaft. During the working time, the exhaust gas is discharged from the engine's turbine impeller and rolls rapidly at a speed of up to 200,000 revolutions per minute. The compressor impeller rotates coaxially and synchronously on the intake port. The pressure of the intake port rises, the fresh air impulse rises to fully mix and burn with the fuel. The engine power and boosted torque afterward.

In plateau areas,  the air is thinner and the air density has a great influence on engine performance. When the altitude increases by 1000 meters, the engine power will drop by about 8% to 10%. The fuel consumption will increase by about 4% to 5% after using the turbocharger. The power consumed by Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 is provided by the exhaust gas from the engine and does not consume the effective power output of the engine.

 Turbocharger PF6

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Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

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Features of Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764

1. Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 can improve the power and torque of the engine

The biggest advantage of turbocharging is that it can greatly increase the power and torque of the engine without increasing the displacement of the engine. After an engine is equipped with a turbocharger, its maximum output power can be increased by about 40% or more compared with that without a supercharger. To

This means that an engine of the same size and weight can produce more power after being supercharged, or in other words, a small displacement engine can produce the same power as a larger displacement engine after being supercharged. To

2. Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 is more fuel efficient

Whether it is a naturally aspirated car or a turbocharged car, car owners are very concerned about the issue of "fuel saving". In general, turbocharged cars are more fuel-efficient than naturally aspirated cars. The "fuel saving" of turbocharged engines is reflected in two points:

First, because of technological improvements, the current turbocharged engines are indeed fuel-efficient than in the past;

The second is that the turbocharged engine is not supercharged because the exhaust pressure at low speed is not enough to push the turbine. At this time, the fuel consumption level of a turbocharged engine under the same technical conditions is equivalent to a naturally aspirated engine with the same displacement. To

3. Turbocharger PF6 14201-96764 saves more cost

The turbocharged engine is small in size and simple in structure, which greatly reduces its R&D and production costs, which is far less than the cost of optimizing a naturally aspirated engine with a large displacement.

turbo PF6 14201-96764

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