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Turbocharger TD05

Brand Kunyu

Product origin Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

(1) Turbocharger TD05 can increase the engine power.
(2) Turbocharger TD05 can improve engine emissions.
(3) Turbocharger TD05 can provide platform complementary function.
(4) Turbocharger TD05 improves fuel economy and reduces fuel consumption.
(5) Turbocharger TD05 has high reliability, excellent matching characteristics and high transient response characteristics

Turbocharger TD05

Working principle of Turbocharger TD05

1. Generally, we can call it pop and turbocharging. In fact, it is achieved through a turbocharger. A turbocharger is actually an air compressor which compresses air to increase the amount of intake air.

2. Turbocharger TD05 uses the inertial momentum of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine chamber, drive the coaxial impeller, and press the air sent by the air filter tube into the cylinder for pressurizing.

3. When the engine speed is faster (when accelerating), the discharge and the turbine speed will increase simultaneously. The impeller compresses more air into the cylinder. The increased air pressure and density can burn more fuel. The improved fuel quantity can provide engine an excellent performance by large output power.

4. Under the existing technical conditions, Turbocharger TD05 is a mechanical device that can increase the "output power" of the engine under the condition of "constant working efficiency". Generally, the output power of the engine can be increased by about 10% to 40%.

 It can be inferred that if the Passat B5/1.8 engine is equipped with a turbocharger, the "output power" could be equivalent to the output power of a 2.3L engine.

 As you can imagine, it keeps the efficiency of the engine constant. For such a large machine, people still need to do more work to install a turbocharger to compress the air, expand the intake air volume so that to increase the output power. 

Turbocharger TD05 49178-03550

more Turbocharger TD05 model as follows:


Part Number

product picture



 Turbocharger TD05 4D34 49178-03123 49378-01700


4D34  49178-03123  49378-01700

 TD05 turbo

Turbocharger TD05 includes the above models:

Turbocharger TD05   49178-03550、Turbocharger TD05 4D34 49178-03123  49378-01700

Features of Turbocharger TD05

1. Increase the engine power per liter. When the engine displacement remains unchanged, the intake density can be increased to allow the engine to inject more fuel to increase the power of the engine. The power and torque of the engine with a turbocharger can be increased by 20% to 30%. On the other hand, under the same power output requirement, the cylinder diameter of the engine can be reduced. The volume and weight of the engine can also be reduced.

2. Improve engine emissions. Features of Turbocharger TD05 engine reduces the emission of harmful components such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in engine exhaust by improving the combustion efficiency of the engine. It is an indispensable configuration for diesel engines to meet Euro II emission standards.

3. Provide the function of plateau compensation. In some high-altitude areas, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the engine with turbocharger can overcome the power drop of the engine caused by the thin air at the plateau.

4. Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. Because of the engine with turbocharger has better combustion performance, it can save 3%-5% of fuel.

5. It has high reliability and good matching characteristics, and high transient response characteristics.


Turbocharger TD05 49178-03550

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