How to judge whether the turbocharger is damaged?

How to judge whether the turbocharger is damaged?


How does turbocharger C7 show when it is broken? 

1.Movable base ring, cylinder wall, valve oil seal wear or aging. The symptoms are: the whole vehicle emits a lot of blue smoke and there is an abnormal noise on the turbine side of the turbocharger. The turbocharger is leaking. 

2. The impeller shaft of turbocharger C9 is poorly sealed. The symptom is: blue smoke is emitted from exhaust when idling, some light and some heavy. 

3. The air duct of P Turbocharger is ruptured. Symptoms show that the vehicle will "flash" when the throttle is turned off.

4. The serious symptoms of tail gas recirculation pipe blockage are as follows: idle speed, blue smoke from tail gas, more serious when refueling, and high fuel consumption.

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