About the maintenance of turbocharger

About the maintenance of turbocharger


1. Do not flameout immediately: after the running engine stops suddenly, the oil pressure is zero, the high temperature of the turbocharger turbine part is transferred to the middle, and the heat cannot be taken away quickly. If the temperature of the exhaust manifold is very high at this time, its heat will be absorbed into the turbocharger shell, and the oil trapped in the turbocharger will boil to form carbon deposition.

2. Replace the oil filter regularly: the consumption and lubricity of oil is the key to turbocharging technology. The selection of the oil recommended by the original factory can reduce the insufficient lubrication and heat dissipation of the floating turbine spindle.

3. Correct selection of oil, rational use of oil: the general turbocharged engine needs to use full synthetic oil, and reasonably determine the replacement cycle of oil according to the use conditions. Be sure to avoid using fake oil and oil that do not meet the requirements, otherwise it will cause abnormal wear or serious coking of the turbine, thus damaging the supercharger.

About the maintenance of turbocharger

4. Clean the turbine frequently: if the lubrication capacity of the oil decreases, the turbocharger will be scrapped prematurely. 

Clean or replace the air filter in time to prevent impurities such as dust from entering the high-speed turbocharger impeller. 

The main function of turbocharging is to increase the air intake of the engine, so as to increase the power and torque of the engine and make the car more powerful. After the engine is equipped with a turbocharger, its power can be increased by 40% or even higher than when the turbocharger is not installed. 

Turbocharged engine is the development trend in the future, and more and more household cars begin to use turbochargers. At the same displacement, the turbocharger can not only save fuel, but also increase power.

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