How turbocharger TD08H works

How turbocharger TD08H works


The engine generates electricity by burning fuel in the cylinder. As the fuel input is limited by the air volume of the inhaled cylinder, the power generated by the engine will also be limited. If the operating performance of the engine is in a better state, the output power can only be increased by compressing more empty gas into the cylinder to increase the fuel quantity, thus increasing the working power of the engine.

Turbocharging system is one of the most common turbocharging systems in turbocharged engines. If more air-gas mixture can be compressed and exploded into the cylinder (combustion chamber) within the same unit time (small-displacement engines can "inhale" the same air gas as large-displacement engines to improve volumetric efficiency), greater power output can be produced than a naturally aspirated engine at the same speed. This is like blowing an electric fan into the cylinder and forcing the wind into the cylinder, so that the volume of the air inside will increase, resulting in more horsepower, except that the fan is driven by exhaust gas from the engine, not the motor.

Generally speaking, the engine with such a "forced air intake" action can increase at least 30% of the additional power by 40%. Such an amazing effect is the reason why turbocharger TD08H can't put it down. More importantly, to achieve perfect combustion efficiency and greatly increase power, this is the greater value that the turbocharging system can provide to vehicles.

So how does turbocharger TD08H work? 

First, the exhaust gas from the engine pushes the turbine impeller at the exhaust end of the turbine (on the right above) to rotate. 

Therefore, the compressor impeller on the other side (left) connected to it can be driven and rotated at the same time. Therefore, the compressor impeller can forcibly inhale air through the air inlet, and the blade can be rotated and compressed into the compression channel with smaller and smaller diameter for secondary compression. The temperature of the compressed air is higher than that of direct inhalation and needs to be cooled by an intercooler before it can be injected into the cylinder to burn. This repetition is how turbocharger TD08H works.

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